A BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts graduate returned to BU to share his expertise and advice with current students.

Arran Baker graduated from the National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA) in 2015 and now works as a Character Animator at Jellyfish Pictures.

His role involves bringing 3D model characters to life for games, TV and film, using a variety of skillsets.

Arran has enjoyed an exciting career in animation, working in collaboration with Sci-Fi and Netflix, under Axis, on the TV show Happy and in his current role at Jellyfish Animation, collaborating with DreamWorks Animation.

Alongside his role at Jellyfish Pictures, Arran also provides online AnimDojo tutorials for people to learn more about animation.

Arran said: “Students of all different levels from beginner all the way to advanced can tune in on a three day a week basis where we’ll have different tutors from feature film all the way to TV animation.”

Arran also took part in BU’s BFX competition during his studies, working with industry mentors to produce an animation to a brief.

He said: “The BFX Festival is great, I definitely learnt a lot from that competition, it was great to be able to talk with tutors and have a collaboration with them, get some industry experience.

“We had seven weeks to produce our animation, which was very fast from start to finish, and so it’s good to learn under that same pressure.”