BFX Competitions

5 creative competitions took place as a part of BFX 2023 – explore below

The BFX Easter Jams

In partnership with BU’s Animation Society, the BFX Festival presents the annual Easter Jam Competition. BU students can get creative and expand their professional portfolios.

Over two weeks of competitions, entrants designed to a set theme and submitted to one of four categories. Week 1 was Concept Art & Real-time 3D Environment and Week 2 was Modelling & Character Animation.

Each week you’ll meet with industry mentors virtually to receive feedback on your piece before each week’s submission deadline.

2022 Winner - Modelling & Texturing

On the theme of deforestation, Dario Splendido won the category of modelling and texturing with his render called Spirits of the Dead trees. Dario studies BSc (Hons) Games Design at Bournemouth University.

2022 Runner-up - Modelling & Texturing

Radu Caraus was runner-up in the modelling and texturing category. Radu studies BA (Hons) Visual Effects at Bournemouth University.

2022 Winner - Lighting & Rendering

Under the theme of extinction, the category of lighting and rendering was won by Josiah Naguar. Josiah studies BSc (Hons) Games Design at Bournemouth University.

2022 Runner-up - Lighting & Rendering

Andria Theocharous was runner-up in the lighting and rendering category with his nebula painting illustration. Andria studies BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art & Design at Bournemouth University.

2022 Winner - Real-time Art

In the real-time art category Klaris Shtambari won with his piece entitled Invasive Species. Klaris Shtambari studies BSc (Hons) Games Design at Bournemouth University.

2022 Runner-up - Real-time Art

Lily Larsimont was runner-up in the real-time art category with her art animation called Baby Rainforest. Lily studies BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art and Design at Bournemouth University.

BFX Competition

Open to all UK Higher Education Students, the BFX Competition takes place annually. Participating teams of up to five are provided with scripts prepared by charity organisations and have seven weeks to bring their briefs to life in a 30-second production.

Participants benefit from virtual mentor sessions with industry professionals and regular meetings with the charity you are working with.
A judging process will involve the public, peers, charities and industry professionals.

Submissions will be screened during the 2023 BFX Festival. Winners will be announced and prizes presented at the Awards Ceremony during the festival.

We are delighted to be working with the following charities in 2023:

National Park City 

Key dates

Entries are now closed for 2023

Production period – Monday 22 May to Sunday 9th July 2023

Submission deadline – Monday 10 July 2023

Public vote opens – Monday 18 September 2023

Public vote closes – Monday 2 October 2023

Winners announced during the BFX Festival – 20 – 25 November 2023



Previous BFX Competition Entries



BFX has a 10-year history of working with a range of charities. Peruse through previous competition entries.

BFX Game Jam

The BFX Game Jam takes place annually, prior to the BFX Festival starting. Teams can be up to 5 participants, as long as your team has at least one current Bournemouth University student, you are welcome to enter. More details on how to enter will be released in September 2023.

Key information & dates:

Team leader must sign up their group here.

Begins – Friday 17 November 2023. Kick off event 17:00 – 18:00 Fusion Building, Talbot Campus, F110. 

Ends – Monday 20 November
Team size: 1-5, at least one member of the team must be a current BU student
Multiple prizes are up for grabs.

Caricature competition

The 10th annual BFX Festival in 2022 saw the launch of the inaugural Caricature Competition. Entrants were invited to create a caricature of a visiting industry guest from the BFX Speaker Series. 

What to expect for 2023:

Not one but two guest judges, co-founders of Mori Mori Studio, creators of Millie & Lou, and Bournemouh University Alumni Mandy Wong and Rory Cooke. When we asked Mandy and Rory what they were looking forward to they said:

“I will be looking for a sense of humour and if the essence of the person is captured through their most unique feature on their face.” – Mandy 

“I can’t wait to see some weird-looking faces and giant eyeballs.” – Rory

A prgramme of over 70 speakers to draw – with a few exceptions including the two judges, Madeleine Scott-Spencer, Ruairidh Macneil, and Professor Darren Cosker.

Key dates & information

Submissions must be submitted via dropbox by 2pm on Friday 24 November 2023. Submissions must include:

  • A word doc/pdf/powerpoint of your caricature drawing
  • A photo of your subject and their name on a new page
  • Please provide your name and email address on this document

Winners announced during the Awards Ceremony – 25 November 2023

Sculpting competition

This event returns for 2023 for Bournemouth University students.

In this one-hour session, you’ll be given tips and time to sculpt your submission – ensure you sign up as spaces are limited, and be sure to use your BU email address. 


New for 2022 entrants had 30 minutes to speed sculpt either a human, a creature or a cartoon of their choosing. Take a look at the winning entries below.