2024 BFX Competition details

Each year we work with local and national charities. They brief us with details of an animation that will support their current or future marketing campaigns. Our talented students receive the details and creativity flows over the summer months as they work to produce a short animation that fits the brief!

Throughout the pipeline student teams receive guidance and support from industry mentors and NCCA academics, as well as having meetings with the charities to ensure the final production is as expected. Final animations are submitted ahead of The BFX Festival and students find out who the winners of each category are during the awards ceremony.

Key dates:

Registration deadline: 19 May 2024
Start date: 20 May 2024
Submission deadline: 8 July 2024

This year we’re proud to be working with the following charities:

  • MYTIME Young Carers
  • The Story Works
  • Vita Nova
  • Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC)
  • Hope For Food
  • Sustrans
  • DEED.
What is this competition about?

The BFX Competition is an annual animation competition where participating teams create short animations, normally around 30 seconds long, based on the script from charity organisations.

Who can be in my team?

You can have up to five team members, all should be current HE students.

Should everyone in my team be from Bournemouth University?
No, you can team up with students from other universities.
So, this competition is for all students?
Yes, and we will be inviting teams from various UK universities.
Why should we participate?
There are multiple reasons. The competition happens during the summer, so if you have nothing else to do, that might be an excellent opportunity to get an extra piece for your showreel. We have industry mentorship, so you will receive free feedback on your work in progress from several industry mentors. Finally, we have prizes.
Yes. Prizes are awarded including Amazon vouchers as well as non-monetary prizes from our sponsors. Previous competition winners have received an overall prize worth up to £500 per team.
We have four mentors who work in companies like ILM and are willing to help improve your work in progress.
Have we got any restrictions in software or style?
No. The only restriction is the script that you are given. Note that some scripts imply branding elements to be used in the animation.
Can we use previously created assets (models, textures, animation cycles) for university submissions?
Can we use assets downloaded from the internet?
As long as you can obtain permission to use it publicly without any restrictions. Very few downloadable assets allow for that, unfortunately.
I am already participating in a charity brief for my 2nd year undergraduate Group Project. What should I do?
We will contact you separately.
How will the voting work?
A judging process will involve the public, peers, charities and industry professionals and will be in late Summer.
When will the results be announced?
The results will be announced during a special Awards Ceremony at the BFX Festival in November 2024.
OK, I'm in. What do I need to do next?
Go to the BFX website and follow the link to enter the BFX Competition .

Please note the deadline to enter the 13 May 2024.