The BFX Festival is one of the largest visual effects, animation and games festivals in the UK, bringing together professionals and students from across the world to share insights into how the best films, commercials, television shows and games are made.

Now in its seventh year, is an annual Festival that brings professionals together from across the world to share advice, techniques, and offer behind-the-scenes tips on how movies, television programmes and games are made.

Organised by Bournemouth University – through its National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA) – this year’s Festival brought professionals from organisations like Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, EA Criterion and Laika to Bournemouth to talk to a gathered crowd of professionals and students about the latest tips and techniques within visual effects, animation and gaming.


BFX started as a way for us to celebrate all the technical efforts and artistry within the industry, and that industry is quite broad. It can be things like animation that you see, feature films, visual effects work, big blockbuster films, games, architectural visualisation, medical visualisation, anything really.”

– Festival Director Sofronis Efstathiou

BFX concluded with a recruitment fair – a chance for students to talk to professionals about their portfolios and how they might be able to work with companies in the future.

A series of masterclasses took place over the weekend, looking at areas such as compositing, directing animation and acting within animation.

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