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Applications for BFX Competition have now closed. The next round will open January 2019

Do you dream of a career working on blockbuster films?

…such as Star WarsMad MaxAlien: Covenant or The Batman Lego Movie?

If you are currently studying visual effects or animation at a UK HEI (uni or art college) or recently graduated; then BFX is the competition for you…

BFX is a student competition designed to give you direct exposure to cutting-edge practices and showcase your skills to some of the best supervisors, producers and artists in the VFX and animation industry.

This year we are asking for 8 teams of 5 people to only submit an application form and showreels by the 28th February 2018 deadline (unlike previous years, an animatic or treatment is not required at this stage).  The teams with the strongest set of skills and showreels will then be shortlisted and 8 final teams chosen to take part in the competition.  On the 5th March, each team will be given a charity brief selected for them by the BFX team. They will then have until 31st May 2018 to create storyboards, animatics and character designs for the charity. The charity will review the treatment and provide further feedback before the residential competition starts on July 9th 2018.

As a team of five people, you will be tasked with creating a stunning 2D or 3D visual effects or animation sequence for 4 charities that is based on one of 8 supplied screenplays. The 7-week residential competition is based in Bournemouth over the summer from 9th July to 24th August 2018 (all accommodation is free and the team members are given a stipend to help with their cost of living expenses). In 2015 and 2016, teams were mentored and judged by experts from Framestore, Double Negative, The Mill, MPC, Animal Logic, PsyOp, Realise Studios, Hibbert Ralph Animation, ILM London, ToonBoom, Chaos Group, Outpost VFX, Glassworks and Blue Zoo.

BFX Competition returns for 2018

The BFX Competition has kicked off for 2018. Eight teams of students from six institutions are competing by creating visual effects shorts for four different charities. The Competition, in its fifth year, exists to give vital skills to the next generation of animators...

The Brief 2018

This year we asked 8 teams of 5 people to submit an application form and a showreel to be shortlisted for the BFX Competition. On the 5 March each team was given the charity brief selected for them by the BFX team and had until the 31 May 2018 to create storyboards, animatics and character designs for the charity to view and feedback on before the residential competition began on the 9 July 2018.

BU team - Book Aid International

Northumbria University - Book Aid International

Falmouth University - Rethink Mental Illness

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We are delighted to announce

The following charities have been selected for the BFX Competition 2018

Access All Areas makes urban, disruptive performance by learning disabled and autistic people. They make work that champions learning disabled creative voices, and tour in London and around the UK. In addition, they run a range of innovative projects for people with all levels of learning disabilities to bring their own creative voices to their lives and their communities.

Book Aid International provides around one million brand new books to thousands of public and community libraries, schools, refugee camps, hospitals, Universities and prisons around the world. The books reach communities where people would otherwise have few, or even no, new books to read. In addition to providing books, they also run projects and programmes which help children discover books, begin to read and succeed in education.

DEMAND adapt and make custom disability equipment that helps disabled people. From their Hertfordshire workshop, the DEMAND team work with individuals to design and manufacture equipment that makes their daily life easier, assists with therapy goals or enables them to enjoy sport and leisure activities. Those with special requirements frequently find there is no ‘off- the- shelf’ solution to help them achieve their goals.

Rethink Mental Illness is England’s only charity providing services specifically for people affected by severe mental illness. They run over 200 services, from housing and community support to advocacy, as well as crucial care in a crisis as well as more than 130 support groups. They also raise awareness of the issues surrounding mental illness through campaigns and education projects.

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