BFX In-festival Competitions

Four creative competitions took place as a part of BFX 2023 – explore below

The annual BFX Festival is hosted in Bournemouth by the National Centre for Computer Animation. Its programme features a Speaker Series, Masterclasses, Screenings and Portfolio Reviews, as well as an annual Recruitment Fair. In addition, we host various creative competitions. These include:

  • The Game Jam – a 72-hour event to create a game, as a team or individually, according to the set theme/brief. Winners are announced according to various categories.

  • Sculpting Competition – you’ve got an hour to sculpt a digital creation using the industry standard tech in our Poole Gateway Building.

  • Caricature Competition – capture the industry’s finest technical and creative professionals during their talk or masterclass and caricturise them, our judging panel will pick the top 3.

  • The Animation Jam – festive-themed. Receive a set brief from BU and generate a festival animation which is used in the official Bournemouth University Christmas digital marketing campaign.

Caricature Winner - Elina Lescinsca

2nd place - Kitty Smith

3rd place - Cormac Mac Ateer