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Scott Eaton

Artist, Creative Director

Scott Eaton is a multi-disciplinary artist and creative technologist with many years experience working and consulting in the games/VFX industries. He was an early adopter in the field of creative AI, having multiple exhibitions of his work internationally including a takeover of 90+ screens in Times Square, NYC in August. Scott was recently artist in residence at Meta’s Fundamental AI Research (FAIR) lab, and speaks frequently on art, creativity & AI, including recent talks at Google, Meta, Nvidia, Disney, Oxford University, and the NeurIPS AI Conference. Entertainment industry clients include Industrial Light and Magic, Pixar, Blizzard, Valve, Framestore, Sony, and many others.

About Scott Eaton

Speaker Series: Keynote - Working creatively in the age of AI

In this densely illustrated talk, Scott explores how we can maximize our human creative potential in the face of the tidal wave of capabilities from the latest AI tools. He explores the trajectory of the field of AI, covering critical ideas that have led to the latest tools.


He asks the question on everyone’s mind – what space will be left for artists and creatives as more powerful AI inevitably arrives, and how should we think about situating our work and careers in the face of this constantly accelerating technology? The presentation is filled with examples and anecdotes from his own work with machine learning & AI over the past ten years.

Location: PhoxTrott, Hilton Bournemouth, Terrace Rd, Bournemouth BH2 5EL
Date: Thursday 23 November 2023
Time: 13:30 – 14:30

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