Ruairidh Macneill – Axis Studios

Lead Environment Artist

Starting as a summer intern at Axis Studios, Ruairidh Macneill has been working in VFX for 11 years, being part of Oscar and Bafta-winning film and television projects in this time.
He was drawn into the internship by his desire to create and showcase incredible art alongside creative teams of people who shared this love for VFX. Now a Lead Environment Artist with Axis, he uses his knowledge and experience to push projects to be as spectacular as possible each and every time.

About Axis Studios

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Axis is a multi award winning animation and VFX studio.

We’ve built a global reputation for creating commissioned and original entertainment experiences in Film, Television, Games and Theme Parks.

Axis Studios is building on our track record of creating narratively compelling work in animated entertainment & VFX, to originate and deliver groundbreaking content of the highest quality that engages audiences worldwide.

Industry & Panels: Speaker Series, Entering the Industry

In this insightful talk, take a look at the industry must-haves and the pitfalls to avoid when you are ready to take your first steps from learning and working by yourself to joining a studio and creating projects as part of a team.

Through sharing his own experiences as an Lead Environment Artist in the industry, Ruaridh will provide you with a brilliant framework you can use to make sure you are successful in chasing your dream of becoming a VFX artist.

Location: Hilton Conference Room, Hilton Bournemouth, Terrace Rd, Bournemouth BH2 5EL
Date:  Thursday 23 November 2023
Time: 15:00 – 15:50

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