Sound Design with Ben Cozens

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Title of workshop: Theoretical context and tricks of the underwater world
Date/Times:  Wednesday 3rd October 14.00pm – 15.30pm
Place: Bay View Suite 2, BIC, Bournemouth
Capacity: 80
Ticketing: Student £10 / Professional £15
Age Restriction: 18+


Description of event: Ben Cozens comes from the roots of club DJ’ing and drumming, where a music production degree led quite by chance to Sound design. A student of all audio fields from foley to final mix, working with animations through to video games, BBC to Universal.  Two years of intricate work on the Blues Crab with Curv’s Ari Rubenstein have passed since Ari and Ben met at BFX where they discovered a mutual love of the music of Muscle Shoales and began to discuss creating a film with a similar sonic vibe.  Ben is proud to be back in Bournemouth, his family’s town, to share his passion for sound.

The masterclass will be half sound design theory and the bedrock stages of an approach to any sonic project and half insight to the techniques applied in order to create the underwater sounds of the Blues Crab. There will also be some inventive sonic presentation thrown in for entertainment too.


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5th September 2018