Scott Eaton presents Essential Anatomy for Artists

Title of workshop: Essential Anatomy for Artists
Date/Times:  Saturday 6th October 09.30am – 17.15pm
Place: Bay View Suite 1, BIC, Bournemouth
Capacity: 60
Ticketing: Student £45 / Professional £75
Age Restriction: 18+

Description of event: 

Scott Eaton is an artist, photographer and anatomy instructor residing in London, UK. His work explores the representation of the human figure through various mediums – drawing, digital sculpture, photography, and recently creative AI. His art, designs, and projects have been featured in Wired Magazine, Vogue, Vanity Fair, the New York Times, and can be found in design shops around the world.

Scott teaches widely on anatomy and figure sculpture. As a long-time character artist and supervisor in VFX, his teaching are particularly relevant to artists in the entertainment industry. His clients include Pixar, Industrial Light & Magic, Disney, Blizzard, Sony, Warner Bros, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and many other VFX, animation and games studios.

Scott got his master’s degree from the MIT Media Lab and studied drawing and sculpture in Florence, Italy, but most of what he knows comes from practice and hard work.

The morning session will be an intensive three-hour workshop covering the critical anatomy that every character artist needs to know to thrive in the animation, VFX and game industries.  Distilled from two decades of work as an artist, character supervisor and anatomy instructor – Scott covers the essential musculoskeletal principles of human anatomy and then relates these lessons to the comparative anatomy of animals.

The afternoon session will take the principles learnt from the morning and applied to a live sculpt demo.

The goal is to give artists an understanding of how to study and deepen their understanding of anatomy, and how these fundamentals can be applied to the realistic design of any character – be it human, animal, or creature.  The workshop ends with instructive anatomy critiques for students who wish to submit their work for public review.


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6th September 2018