Over the next year the AHRC funded project ReSpace will investigate concepts of space and memory with artists, architects, animators and young people from the UK, Rwanda and Kosovo using digital techniques of 3D animation, 360 video and game design with VR. As part of this project, the BFX Festival will be hosting a symposium on the theme Virtual Spaces.

The symposium will include a range of presentations by guest speakers from the UK and international institutions that connect to the themes of memory, space/place and creative design using new technologies. This will draw out a multi-disciplinary conceptual terrain where CGI, animation and VR is considered alongside anthropology, art, architecture, media and cultural studies, archives and history.

It will be running on the 3 October from 10:00am – 16:00pm with a program of small panels throughout the day. Attendees and participants are able to attend individual sessions alongside the BFX festival.

The Virtual Spaces symposium is part of an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded project ReSpace that is connected to the Changing the Story research ‘a four-year international, multi-disciplinary project which supports the building of inclusive civil societies with, and for, young people in post-conflict settings. It is a collaborative project between universities, INGOs, artists, grassroots civil society organisations and young people across the world.’

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