Taking gaming beyond pure entertainment and into the world of playing with purpose

Wednesday 9 November 13.00-13.50

Phil Stuart

Session title: The power of Play with Purpose

Session Description: How the future of play can solve problems, connect people, and transform our world. 

In this session, Phil Stuart, Executive Creative Director & Founder of PRELOADED, dives into the company’s ‘Play with Purpose’ mission and explains how play can change how people think, feel and act in our world.

Phil will also explore the ‘possibility space’ created by XR and emerging technologies and how to create playful, purposeful experiences that meaningfully connect with audiences.

PRELOADED is a BAFTA-winning games studio using emerging technologies to create playful, purposeful experiences for global partners.
We build immersive products to help organisations such as McDonald’s, LEGO and BBC reach mainstream audiences, and partner with technology platforms such as Niantic, Magic Leap, HTC and Google to imagine the future.
Our work has been recognised internationally by awards bodies, including BAFTA, SXSW (Best in Show), BIMA (Best in Show), Serious Play & Cannes Lions.

Phil is a BAFTA-winning creative leader with 20+ years experience of directing playful, interactive experiences for kids, young people and families.

Phil has a passion for exploring the ‘possibility space’ created by emerging and converging technologies, and creating new experiences which are loved by audiences.

He has helped organisations such as Disney, LEGO and BBC reach global audiences with digital products, and partnered with technology platforms such as Meta, Niantic, Magic Leap, HTC Vive and Google to imagine the future.


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