NCCA Alumni Panel: You in five years' time

Wednesday 9 November 16.15 - 17.30

Founded by George Lucas in 1975 to create the special effects for his space epic Star Wars, no other facility of its type existed at the time. Now with locations in San Francisco, Vancouver, London, Singapore, and Sydney, ILM remains one of the leading effects companies in the world, serving the motion picture commercial production and attraction industries.
From its astounding innovations in the original Star Wars trilogy to its groundbreaking CGI work in blockbusters like Jurassic Park, Star Trek, and The Avengers, ILM has changed and expanded the possibilities of what a film can be.

Sian Warren

Sian enjoys exploring nature and wildlife to find inspiration and strengthen her understanding of all organic forms. Passionate about the revisualisation and creation of animals/characters both present and extinct to constantly challenge and question her own understanding of life on earth and on a galaxy far far away. Sian has worked on a wide variety of creatures for large VFX Films and TV productions from the big cats, dinosaurs, sea creatures, insects and monsters both real, imagined and extinct. Her main passion is anything prehistoric as this enables creative freedom to visualise and explore fascinating concepts and play with anatomy, form and function in order to create something believable and awe-inspiring. She has a strong interest in developing and learning new workflows and modelling techniques to help streamline the VFX asset pipeline.

EPM are a future agency. With over 80 in-house specialists, they are masters of every touchpoint, at every stage of a project. They have helped some of the worlds most prestigious brands usher in tomorrows solutions to tackle the problems they experience today. And each time they do, they learn how to do it better again and again.

Random42 consists of scientists, artists, animators and programmers, who collaborate to effortlessly intertwine the worlds of science, art and technology, producing some of the most impactful scientific imagery, stories and interactive experiences.

Located in the creative heart of London, we are continuously expanding our hardworking and dedicated team, striving to improve on quality year on year and maintain our position as the global leader.

Nanna Nielson

Nanna came to England from Denmark in 2016 to study Computer Visualisation and Animation at the NCCA (Bournemouth University). After finishing her degree she got her first industry job at Blue Zoo as a junior Lighting and Compositing artist working on a kids TV show. From there she worked at Brown bag films on multiple kids TV shows as a Lighter. Most recently she joined Random42 as a Mid 3D generalist where she works with scientific visualisation and communication.


Formed in 2014, Locksmith is the UK’s only dedicated high-end CG feature animation studio.
The company aims to bring together experienced, world-class creative leads, Europe’s animation and design talent and London’s world-class digital production facilities, to produce competitive, quality family films for global commercial release; and tell unique, original stories, that not only delight, but speak to the hearts of today’s children.

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