Michael Cauchi – Creating a Great Looking Groom for Animation and VFX Pipelines


During this masterclass Michael Cauchi will show and tell everything you need to create a great looking groom for animation or vfx pipelines. He will be using Maya and XGen, however much of what will be discussed is easy to apply to any groom tool you choose to use.


MPC Film has been one of the global leaders in VFX for over 25 years and counting, with industry-leading studios in London, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Bangalore, and Montreal.

They work on the spectacular scenes and stunning photoreal sequences that make movies truly mind-blowing.  Animating everything from lifelike fur, to dynamic crowd scenes, to larger than life destruction sequences, they are scene builders – not just shot makers – with a direct line to the director’s creative vision. MPC Film’s recent movies include The Lion King, Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Detective Pikachu.

Michael Cauchi

Michael Cauchi

Michael is a Bournemouth university alumni and past competitor in the BFX competition. He has spent the last two years working as a groom artist at MPC and got to work on a large variety of projects. He has also been fortunate enough to train new artists in both Bangalore and Montreal!


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16th September 2019