Jahirul Amin – Shooting HDRIs and Panoramas


This masterclass will cover the process of shooting HDRIs with a full-frame Canon camera, a fisheye lens and a Ninja Nodal for the purposes of lighting. Following on from shooting HDRIs, we’ll focus on using similar techniques to capture panoramas for the use of texturing, camera projections and digital matte painting.

Jahirul Amin is a Computer Animation and Visual Effects Trainer and Consultant. He specialises in designing and delivering courses to create solid and diverse production ready skills in all 3D related departments and across a number of facilities worldwide.

His background in academia feeds into his ongoing connections with Universities and Colleges which provide Computer Animation and Visual Effects courses. He is also involved in course and examination design as well as lecturing, running workshops and mentoring.

About CAVE Academy

CAVE Academy provides individual courses, structured programmes, quarterly challenges, weekly Masterclasses and Dailies to help develop versatile production-ready skills and critical thinking for the creative industries.

In order to ensure that their training is totally up to date and of the highest calibre, it works closely with prestigious industry partners such as ARRI, Autodesk, Clear Angle Studios, DNEG, Epic, Framestore, Foundry, Pixologic, RED and the VES London.

They offer speciality online and in-person training courses for studios, schools, and events. They have had the privilege to teach at the following centres of excellence: Bournemouth University, DNEG, Filmakademie, The Animation Workshop, Framestore, NextGen and Norwich University.


Posted on

24th September 2021