Izzy Burton – Bringing Environment Artwork to Life

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Date/Times:  Sunday 7th October 14.00pm – 17.15pm (3 hours)
Place: Bay View Suite 1, BIC, Bournemouth
Capacity: 60
Ticketing: Student £20 / Professional £25
Age Restriction: 18+

Description of event: Izzy Burton is a Concept Artist & Director working at Blue Zoo Animation Studio. She directed the award-winning short film “Via” and was named one of Animation Magazine’s “Rising Stars of Animation 2018” for her work as a Director. She graduated from Bournemouth University in 2015 and has worked on projects with clients such as Disney, Nickelodeon, BBC, Dynamo and Lego whilst working at Blue Zoo.

This workshop will show how I approach bringing environment artwork to life in concepts and in my award-winning short film “Via”. We will look at how creating stylized speed studies of photos or from life can assist in training your eye and how different art techniques can help concept art and short films tell a story.

I will do a live stylised speed painting of a photograph reference and talk about the brushes I use (and how I organise these), how I simplify what I see from the photograph, what details I pick, how I use colour and edit it, and how you can verge away from copying exactly and embrace characterful quirks of your style.

How the things you can learn from studying the real world can help you bring to life illustrative or stylised concepts and shots in artistic short films like Via. I’d also like to discuss how to keep yourself learning and how to avoid getting bogged down in unnecessary worries whilst working on your skills and your career.


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22nd August 2018