Igor Jovanovic

FX supervisor - Framestore

Igor Jovanovic is a FX supervisor at Framestore. While studying electrical engineering in his home town of Belgrade, Serbia, Igor soon discovered the world of visual effects and the rest is history. Prior to working feature films, he spent 5 years working on commercials as a CG Generalist and later focused on fluid dynamics with a strong emphasis on water effects. His past 8 years of working in film includes contributing to projects such as Spider-Man: Far from home, Alita: Battle Angel, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Academy Award winning The Jungle Book, The Lion King, and Maleficent, to name few.

Known globally for their visual effects, Framestore have a history creating extraordinary images and scenes for some of Hollywood’s biggest films, collecting every possible industry award along the way including in the advertising industry, bringing magic to the small screens that surround us every day.

Framestore has also grasped the opportunities afforded by new technologies, and works with brands, studios, artists and organisations to bring immersive experiences to both new and existing audiences. Fuelled by a relentless curiosity they continue to look to the future, carving out new spaces, screens and media through which to tell stories.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Framestore took on the dazzling ‘Illusion Battle,’ for Spider-Man: Far From Home, a mesmirising sequence which sees Mysterio play on Peter’s very worst fears by conjuring psychedelic environments, freakish characters and a dramatic narrative. The studio was in the unique position of being encouraged to come up with original and inventive ideas for the sequence; Lead FX TD on the film, Igor, will discuss the challenges for his team in bringing these ideas to life.

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