Moon Knight Environments: The Icing on the Cupcake

Thursday 10 November 10.15-11.05

Union is an independent visual-effects facility founded in 2008 by Adam Gascoyne and Tim Caplan to provide a creative service for feature film and television productions.
Located in the heart of Soho, London, the studio is founded on a culture of originality, innovation and collaboration. Exceptional supervisors, producers and artists share their experience and passion for filmmaking and storytelling to produce imaginative solutions, quick turnarounds and stunning results.

Hannah graduated in 2018 from Bournemouth University with a BA degree in Computer Visualisation and Animation. After graduating Hannah joined MPC as a Technical Animator but her main interest was to work as a Generalist. Hannah went on to be hired by BlueBolt and has been working as a Generalist since 2019. She has worked at a number of different studios and across a variety of projects including live action and feature animation.

In 2021 Hannah re-joined Union VFX and became part of the core team earlier this year. Whilst Hannah has experience working across multiple 3D disciplines she now has a focus on CG environments and assets. Hannah is also a great baker and often makes the team tasty treats!

Jonathan grew up in Belgium where he studied 3D Animation. After graduating with a generalist skillset, Jonathan moved to London in 2017 and joined Squint VFX as a CG Generalist. In 2018 Jonathan joined Union VFX as a Junior Environment Artist.

Over the last 4 and a half years he has worked his way up to senior level and has been an Environments Lead since 2020. During his time at Union VFX, Jonathan has worked on shows such as Mamma Mia 2, The Mauritanian, The Wheel of Time and more recently, Moon Knight.

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