Christopher Antoniou – Character and Facial Modelling for VFX

Christopher Antoniou

This masterclass will run through the process of modelling characters and faces for VFX. It will cover topics such as anatomy, skin flow and topology to ensure we are able to create models that are fit-for-purpose and deformation friendly.

CAVE Academy

At CAVE Academy, they recognise that excellence in the field of animation, games and VFX is not defined purely by software proficiency but also by observation, problem-solving skills and a balance of the creative and the technical.

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Pikachu - MPC feature film 2017

Christopher Antoniou

Christopher Antoniou is an artist at heart, who aims to uplift and inspire others with his work. On his travels towards this goal, he has been working as an asset supervisor for advertising, tv and film. Chris is currently Head of Assets at DNEGTV and teaches at numerous educational institutes around the world.


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16th September 2019