Christian Bense

Electronic Arts - Criterion

Christian Bense has been in the industry for 12 years, working at studios like Streamline Studios, Lionhead, EA Frostbite and currently EA Criterion. Starting out as an environment artist, he has had a hand in env. art, level art, shaders, lighting and rendering research. Shipped titles include Battlefront 2, Xwing VR and Fable 3 to name a few. Most recently he was art director on Battlefield V: Firestorm.

The Creative and Technical Challenges of Battlefield V:Firestorm

The Battle Royale genre goes hand in hand with large levels and a high player count, but delivering on those expectations comes with a bunch of challenges. This talk will go through some of the creative and technical challenges that our art and level design teams faced during development of Battlefield V: Firestorm. From level layout and art workflows to automated tools and dealing with destruction, with a healthy dose of optimisation tips to make it all run. Follow this production session to find out how we shipped a Battle Royale mode to the visual standards of Battlefield V.

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