Ari Rubenstein – The Blues Crab – VRay for Nuke pipeline

©Ari Rubenstein / Curv

Title of workshop: The Blues Crab – VRay for Nuke pipeline
Date/Times:  Friday 5th October 11.45am – 12.30pm
Place: Bay View Suite 1, BIC, Bournemouth
Capacity: 80
Ticketing: Student £15 / Professional £ 20
Age Restriction: 18+

Description of event:

Ari Rubenstein is a visual effects craftsman and independent producer with 25 years of industry experience. Ari has worked on a variety of live-action vfx and feature animated films, from Matrix, Constantine, and Charlottes Web, to Blue Sky Studios’ Ice Age and Rio franchises. Currently Ari is a Lead Compositor at Blue Sky Studios.

“The Blues Crab” was the first short film to be rendered exclusively inside a compositing application using the production renderer Vray for Nuke. In this masterclass I will share the pipeline developed to accomplish this endeavour, why I chose to do it, and discuss where this may lead informing future vfx and animation production. In addition we will drill down into specific challenges using Vray for Nuke, specifically how FX rendering and modular compositing approaches to Lighting and Compositing enabled a single artist to light and comp 15 minutes of material with quality and efficiency.



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10th September 2018