2017 Workshops details will be available soon..

The workshops will allow you to be tutored by some the best creative minds in the industry today. Some of the workshops are free to the general public, others are included in the price of a festival ticket, whilst some need to be purchased as a separate ticketed event. We will be announcing more workshops in the lead up to the festival so please check back regularly or sign up to our newsletter

Please be aware that some of the workshops are free to the general public; or are included in the price of a Festival ticket or need to be purchased as a separate ticketed event. Please check carefully!


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Martial the Art of VFX
Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th October 

Who is it for?  This practical workshop of three sessions over two days is intended for industry practitioners who want to work on their drawing skills and anyone interested in the VFX process from pre vis to edit. Some experience of computer graphics is preferable.


Session 1: Drawing Workshop ”Drawing Kung fu” – storyboarding and drawing at speed

The drawing workshop will concentrate specifically on developing shorthand skills for drawing at speed. The models will be martial artists performing combat sequences. The workshop will also explore approaches to life drawing in the context of storyboarding, framing the drawing in ways to encapsulate mood, atmosphere, and intention.

Session length - 09:30-12:30 Saturday 8th October
Tutor - Paul Hilton
Location :The Crab Drawing Studio, AUB campus


Session 2: The shoot – “The demise of the red crane”

Participants from the drawing workshop are invited to attend the shoot which will take place in the afternoon. They will be introduced to the live action shooting process. The live action shoot will be directed and delivered by film and visual effects crews. The narrative will be connected to the drawing workshop, a Kung fu action sequence that ends in a choreographed fight sequence using industry stuntmen. The drawings undertaken in the drawing session can be used as a guide for the action on set.

Session length - 13:30 – 16:30  Saturday 8th October
Tutors and crew - Ian Fellows VFX supervisor, Paul Hilton Assistant Director, Alex Finlayson Director, Tim Davies Stunt Coordinator .
Location: Film Studio 1 North Building AUB Campus


Session 3: The composite

The final stage of the process will see experienced academic staff demonstrating the process behind removing green screen material to prepare plates for the compositing process. The concluding phase will see the combining of live action matte painting material with the footage shot in the studio to create a believable visual effects shot. Industry standard tools will be used to demonstrate the process from pre visualisation, through to final composite, grade and editorial.

Sarah Perry - Acting & Character Movement for Animators
Saturday 15th October



Sarah Perry WorkhopAn introduction to Laban Movement Analysis (the analysis of character in terms of body, effort, space and shape) this can be used for human and creature animation work. Training the eye to acutely observe and then to practically take on board a range of physical qualities, so as to develop characters and create. This workshop will encourage an understanding of character from the outside – in and the power of physicality in storytelling.  We shall look at big character types, but also understand subtle postural and gestural performance choices too. The class will be a combination of theory, practice, games/exercises, play and group work. Fun, yet informative. Please wear comfortable clothes to move in.

Sarah Perry is an acting & movement coach, movement director and tutor. Sarah is the founder of Shapes in Motion and founder of the newly formed ‘MoCap Troupe’: a group of Actors & Physical Performers who Sarah co-ordinates specialising in Motion Capture & Creature Performance. Sarah’s career has offered her many varied opportunities and experiences working in; film, TV, theatre, commercials, motion capture, fashion and higher education. Through Shapes in Motion Sarah has worked with VFX companies such as; MPC, Double Negative, Framestore, Jellyfish Pictures and Aardman and with character animators working on feature films that have included; Gravity, Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Nania: The Voyage of The Dawn Treader, John Carter, World War Z and Guardians of the Galaxy. Sarah’s film credits as a movement coach include; ‘Jupiter Ascending’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Sarah is currently working as Movement Director on ‘Creature’ for SDNA.

Shapes in Motion offers training programmes and workshops to the VFX industry and independent animators. Visit and feel free to join the mailing list to be kept updated on upcoming workshops and latest news.

Scott Eaton - Indispensable Facial Anatomy Masterclass
Saturday 15th October



This is a one day masterclass. The first three hour of the workshop covers the critical anatomy of the face necessary for creative, efficient and realistic work as a VFX or game character artist, rigger, or concept artist. The workshop covers the important construction of the skull and its variations (gender, race, etc) and then builds up the layers of facial anatomy, highlighting their contributions to the form and function of the face.

Topics covered include:

  • construction of the skull
  • skeletal muscles
  • eye constructions – both construction and animation
  • fat layers of the face – deep and superficial fat, plus variations with age
  • features – construction of the cartilaginous feature of the face (nose and ears)
  • muscles of expressions and the Facial Action Coding System (FACS)

At the end of the lecture Scott will works through a demonstration – sculpting a realistic bust in Zbrush, and then will apply the lessons from the lecture to believably caricature the structure and features of the face, creating a stylized character.

Scott Eaton is an artist, designer, and photographer residing in London, UK. His work focuses on the form, motion and anatomy of the human figure. Scott studied drawing and sculpture in Florence, Italy, and received his design and computer graphics education at the MIT Media Lab.

Scott is one of the pioneering artists in the field of digital sculpture and his work combines traditional sculpting techniques with the power of modern digital tools. Scott’s art and designs have been featured in Wired Magazine, Vogue, Vanity Fair, the Times, the Telegraph, and can be found in Harrods and other design shops around the world. His iconic Venus of Cupertino iPad docking station has inspired tens of thousands of blog posts, tweets, and Facebook likes.

In addition to his own projects, Scott frequently collaborates with other artists and studios. Recent collaborations include work with legendary artist Jeff Koons, Turner prize-winner Mark Wallinger, French crystal company Lalique for Elton John, Nike, architect Asif Kahn for the Sochi Winter Olympics, and Academy Award winning visual effects studio Framestore.

When not busy with projects and commissions, Scott contributes his expertise to visual effects for film. Recent work includes World War Z, Spielberg’s War Horse, Wrath of the Titans, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Captain America, and Clash of the Titans. Entertainment clients include Pixar, Industrial Light & Magic, Disney, Sony, Warner Bros., Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and many other visual effects, animation and games studios.

Michael Defeo – Sculpting Masterclass
Sunday 16th October

tEcsOSmOCV8qRVo_04b_nog1cvQalkwrOenpqnKnEuEIr6y3xVDrS4d0CV4o1u-ExcvhDDFnbM8Z76xbqYX0DA=s205Michael will take Scott Eaton’s realistic sculpture from the previous day and redesign it into a stylized character. Michael will break down the forms into simple shapes. The focus being on simple clean controlled forms in order to create a appealing stylized character. He will discuss his process and approach while sculpting and encourage questions from the attendees.

Michael Defeo is a sculptor whose specialty lies in translating 2-D character designs into fully-fledged 3-D models. He hand-built the modeling and sculpting studios at Blue Sky Studios and served as the head of each for 15 years. While with his pals at Blue Sky, Michael brought countless characters to life for ICE AGE, ICE AGE 2, ICE AGE 3, ICE AGE 4, ROBOTS,HORTON HEARS A WHO, RIO, and EPIC.

To enable him to pursue more freelance and personal work, Michael decided to strike out on his own in 2010; while a spooky prospect to leave the warmth and safety of Blue Sky, Michael had always dreamed of working in Paris and determined to make a go of it.

With the help of Illumination Entertainment, Michael spent the better part of two years in the city of light, helping to create characters for DESPICABLE ME 2, THE LORAX, MINIONS and THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS as well as characters for French impresario Joann Sfar and others. He has cemented an exclusive relationship with Galerie Arludik in Paris, for whom he has created many homages to his animation roots, most recently featured in the venerable Cornette St. Cyr auction of modern art.