Traditionally Digital – The journey so far

Well it’s just a few days left and we’re so sorry for not posting anything to date but rest assured we’ve been hard at work in the dark, hot labs making some visual effects magic for you all. It’s been such a great experience so far and the mentors have really been hands on (nothing like having Double Negative move you off your chair and actually change things in your scene files). They’re been tough but fair and very supportive. We’ve learned huge amounts and it’s been a struggle to keep it all in while still trying to get some decent work done in what is a really tight time frame. We’ve had our differences, laughed, eaten cold pizza and cursed at the very invention of the computer, but all in all we’re extremely proud of the work we’ve done. Even if we could always have done better. We can’t wait to show you the final piece but here’s a few teasers in the mean time.

Here we are packing up the shoot in the second week after filming in the green screen

One day before we were doing our first dress rehearsal at about mid-night. It was a long day!!


More teasers to come!!!