Sony Computer Entertainment London Studio

London Studio was established in 2001 with the amalgamation of the Soho Studio and the Psygnosis Camden Studio, and is Sony Computer Entertainment(SCE)’s largest internal development studio in Europe. Located in the heart of the capital’s creative Soho district, London Studio is made up of over 300 staff working in a purpose-designed six-storey building.

Presentation – ‘Environment Art Direction Theory and its Application to Virtual Reality’ presented by Jason Hickey


The talk is intended to illustrate the principals of Art Direction in respect to Environment Art creation and explore which aspects become increasingly important when creating a virtual reality game experience. Although the industry is still learning when it comes to what makes a successful high quality VR experience we have already identified that it’s the old principals that remain important when it comes to the creation of environments. Using examples and a case study of making The Deep for Project Morpheus, Jason will aim to highlight what is important when considering environment creation for games and what we have learnt with the application to virtual reality.