Create | ‘The Painter’ by Natasha Kelly




A young girl, ROSE, presses a gentle kiss to her MOTHER’s

forehead. The bedroom is grey and empty.



Over 150,000 children in England

are caring for their relatives.

Her mother’s eyes drift shut as she falls asleep. Rose

switches off the lights and quietly leaves the room.


Rose’s eyes are tired, lonely. She rubs them with the palms

of her hands as she walks away from the door.


The hallway distorts around her. And then, she is falling

through a dark void. Rose clenches her eyes shut. Darkness.




Rose opens her eyes, a single spotlight on her. She is alone.


An item falls nearby, just outside the light of the

spotlight. She creeps towards it, and it comes into light. It

is a paintbrush.


Rose inspects it carefully. She looks around, but there is

nothing to paint on.


She crouches near the ground, the brush hovers for a moment.



At Create, we believe in the power

of the creative arts to transform lives.

Finally, Rose strokes the brush across the floor. Colour

bursts around her. Blues, greens, reds, yellows.


She jumps back, surprised, taking the brush with her. The

colour stops spreading.


The beginning of a purple path has appeared in front of her.

Rose’s eyes brighten. She smiles widely. She places the brush

back on the floor, more excitedly this time. The path begins

to grow.


Rose runs down the path. Different paintings emerge around

her, endless possibilities.




As the path extends, the colours seep from the pathway,

painting the darkness around it.


Rose continues to run down the path and watches in awe as a

field forms around her. Flowers sprout from the ground, the

sun shines bright.


Then she notices other children running along their own paths



One girl plays a musical instrument, notes forming along the

ground that she runs across.


A boy runs along a extending piano keyboard, music notes

filling the air around him.


A boy and a girl dance, they run along their ribbon paths.

A girl in a wheel chair holds a camera, taking pictures as

she follows the path made of camera film.


And a few other children even hold paintbrushes like Rose’s,

painting their paths like her.


The children all meet in the middle of the field. They stand

in a circle, happy smiles on their faces as they all join



The camera zooms out and the paths that the children have run

down have formed the Create’s logo. Below it appears the tag

line ‘Imagine, Make, Create’.



Imagine. Make. Create.