Create | ‘Annie’s Story’ by Iona Campbell Byatt




ANNIE, 12, gently tucks her mother LUCY, 38, into bed. Annie

tiptoes out of the room, gently closing the door.

She walks into her bedroom and leans against the wall,

closing her eyes, EXHALING. Her eyes open. She’s in an

endless white space. Pencils and paintbrushes appear around

her; she LAUGHS, picks them up and begins to doodle.

Her art surrounds her. Beautiful, bright painted flowers and

plants erupt around Annie. Watercolour butterflies flutter in

the air, and painted animals frolic around Annie’s ankles.



Create uses the power of creative

arts to transform the lives of

vulnerable children, young carers

and adults.


She paints a puppy. It BARKS and bounces into her arms,

licking her face. She GIGGLES. The dog’s ears perk up – it

swings it’s head and barks excitedly, jumping down from her

arms. Annie looks back at her brush. She paints a

multicoloured path that she and the puppy run along.



Equipping us with the confidence

and self-belief we need to take

control and shape our futures.

The camera pans out and other children appear, all heading in

the same direction. One boy plays the flute, musical notes

appearing and creating stepping stones for him to hop on, a

girl pirouettes near him, the ribbons of her shoes forming

her path to dance along. One girl writes, the letters shaping

into objects that she clambers across. Another boy takes

photos, each creating landscapes for him to walk through.


The various paths all lead to one point where they loop into

CREATE’s logo. Annie, the other children, young carers,

patients, disabled children and older people of all

backgrounds gather around it, surrounded by their creations,

holding hands, smiling.


Imagine, Make, Create.