Refuge | ‘The Fairy’ by Lara Ball




The light of the sunrise shines through the window into the

bedroom. Toys of all shapes and sizes begin to climb up onto

the window sill.


On a table on the other side of the room is Eva in a snow

globe. She is a fairy with a small set of dainty wings and

wears a tutu that is an array of greens and pinks.


She sits in the corner with her knees pulled up to her chest.

She notices the sun shining in.


She gets up in excitement and moves towards the window, but

is stopped by the glass dome of the globe.


Eva places her hands on the glass and looks about her. She

bangs on the glass and shouts out but nobody can hear her.


The glass beneath her hands begins to shake and she pulls

back. She looks about her as the glitter beneath her feet

begins to rise and swirl about her. She backs away and braces

until the snow settles down. We see her thinking.


Her face lights up with an idea. She begins to push against

the glass. The snow globe rocks from side to side. The

glitter starts to rise again in agitation but she ignores it.


Without her knowledge, it gradually rocks its way to the edge

of the table.


The snow globe hangs precariously on the edge for a moment,

and then falls off, catching Eva by surprise.


It falls through the air and bounces onto the carpet. Landing

upside down. The snow globe is an array of swirling glitter.


Eva sits up and blows her dishevelled hair out of her face.

She looks about her at all the glitter. Eva peers up at what

was the bottom of the snow globe, and she sees a cork.


Eva had never noticed it before because it was below her



She stands up and shakes the glitter off of herself. She

stares at it curiously. Eva wiggles the cork and it comes out

with a satisfying pop.


Eva climbs out. The upturned snow globe rocks forward and she

slides down and lands on the carpet.


She sits there out of breath.



1 in 4 women will be trapped in an

abusive relationship at some point

in their lives.


She looks up and a bunny stands looking down at her. It has

soft grey fur and wears a pink ribbon around its neck. It’s

nose twitches.


It offers a paw to Eva. She smiles in relief at seeing a

friendly face.



Refuge is there to support them as

they break free.

She takes the rabbit’s paw and they walk together.


They climb onto the window sill and Eva sits down next to her

new friends. Her face is filled with happiness and she

appears to be glowing.


They sit and watch the sunrise declare a new day. The Refuge

logo appears in the sky.



Refuge. Helping to rebuild futures.