Refuge | ‘Standing Ovation’ by Reece Shrewsbury




A BALLERINA dances, happily, on a stage, until a string

shoots out from the Ballerina’s arm, up in to the rafters.

She tugs at the string until another string shoots out

from her other arm.


The strings hold her in place, as more and more strings

shoot out of her body, turning her in to a marionette.

She tries to pull herself free but the strings hold her.



One in four women experience

domestic violence in their lifetime.


She is lifted up, then dropped. A tear rolls down her face

and falls to the floor.


Suddenly, a beam of light shoots through the theatre as a

TOY wearing a REFUGE shirt opens the audience entrance




Refuge is there to support a

woman every step of the way.


The refuge toy waves a hand behind it, and then lots of

other toys enter, all applauding the Ballerina. They walk

towards the stage and stand in front of seats.



Rebuilding lives; creating new


The Refuge toy smiles as the ballerina pulls the strings

off, freeing herself. She smiles, and begins dancing



The Ballerina twirls, leaps, and lands perfectly. She

curtsies to her adoring audience. The refuge toy walks on



The Refuge toy holds out their hand to her, and it

transforms in to the Refuge logo. As the narrator speaks,

the words appear under the logo.



Refuge. For women and children.

Against domestic violence.