Refuge | ‘Piece by Piece’ by Louise Giddings



A smiling, pretty knitted doll sits amongst other toys at

the head of a bed.


A hand gently lifts and plays with her, spinning her around

etc. Suddenly it begins to get rougher and more aggressive,

the doll wincing in pain at the hands grip.



1 in 4 woman experience domestic

abuse in their lifetime.


SLAM. She’s thrown to the ground. She heaves herself up and

quickly begins to run. She’s just a few steps as she looks

over her shoulder, only to see the hand who grabs and yanks

her backwards by the arm.



One in nine are severely injured

each week.


The doll flies through the air and THUMPS onto the ground

once more. Again the hand attempts to grab her but she

manages to slip through his fingers, constantly squirming

out of his grip.


Suddenly the hand snatches her up by the leg, and with one

last spin the doll is chucked against the headboard. A

darkness surrounds her.



 Domestic abuse can happen to

anyone, regardless of age, religion

or social background.


She rubs her head and pulls a trailing bit of wool from her

arm, she’s horrified.



And that’s why Refuge are here to



As Doll is picking herself up, an old fashion styled smiling

toy TELEPHONE quickly wheels over to her, supporting her

under one arm. The telephone pops off the receiver with a

cheerful PING.



Refuge offer a National domestic

violence helpline, open 24 hours a

day, every day.


ZOOM. Telephone and Doll both look up at ASTRONAUT who

happily hovers above them. He holds an open plan dolls house

which he places behind Doll and Telephone, they now look as

though they are inside the house.



Alongside providing emergency

housing for woman fleeing abuse.


A hand slips itself into the Doll’s. It’s TEDDY, who smiles

warmly at her.



 And our specialist refuge staff are

on hand to provide emotional and

practical support, always.


Finally when it looks as though peace is restored, the hand

darts in once more.


Doll now triumphantly steps forward, she won’t be pushed

around anymore.


The hand wavers.



Refuge are here to support woman

who are rebuilding their life after

abuse, every step of the way.


The other toys step forward and unite with the doll. Teddy

and Astronaut hold her hands, and telephone wheels in front

of them.


The hand hovers, then leaves, accepting it’s defeat.


The doll smiles at the toys, she’s now safe.




A woman drinks a cup of tea, her hair and outfit clearly

representing that she was the doll. She sits with three

other people who were the toys, their looks representing

which toy they played. They chat and laugh.


The refuge logo appears, as well as the message of the voice




Refuge, rebuilding lives, creating

new futures.