Refuge | Building Blocks by John Thornton



A ragdoll, FLO, carefully places a toy brick onto a small,

organised pile of more building blocks.


She steps back to admire her handiwork – a house made from

toy bricks.


There’s a rumble. The ground shakes. Flo gasps.

A toy TANK thunders over the hill, straight through Flo’s

house, leaving a huge hole in both walls.


The remnants of her house shake and wobble, scaffolding

collapsing around it.



Domestic violence destroys the

lives of 1 in 4 women.


Flo tries desperately to hold it in place but to her

horror the house crumbles into pieces.


Flo emerges from a pile of rubble, visibly distressed.

Flo tries moving a big chunk of blocks but they’re too

heavy. She slumps, dejected.


A yellow TEDDY (female or genderless, not male) puts an

arm round Flo. Determined, Flo picks herself up.

Flo points at the rubble, directing the bear to the big

chunk of blocks. Together, they manage to move it.



Refuge are here to support women,

every step of the way.


The bear shows Flo how to use superglue like cement.

Flo starts rebuilding the house brick by brick, with glue.



Rebuilding lives, creating new futures.

Flo’s house quickly looks better, and stronger, than ever.