Realise Studios

Realise Studios are an award-winning full-service post production studio, taking ideas from inception through to delivery. Storyboard development, production design, VFX, animation, compositing, grading and the creation of complementary assets, their team of leading artists work at the cutting-edge, making the technology work harder and making stories sing.

Their projects range in scale from TV commercials, to feature films and art installations.

Presentation – ”Simon the Ogre : Story oriented technology deployment to build an ogre”

Creative Director Jordi bares discusses the creation of this advert for Thompson.

Bringing a character to life in CGI is always challenging. Creating one audiences empathise with, who acts as the centre point of a truly emotive story is the pinnacle of visual effects. In this spot, Thomson Holidays reminds us of the power a vacation can have on us. It was critical for success that viewers identify themselves or a loved one in our ogre and follow his journey restoring himself. Our goal was to make this character live seamlessly in the world filmed by director Fredrik Bond. Through careful use of prosthetics and CGI we helped Thomson Holidays make Simon a little less horny.


Realise Showreel from Realise on Vimeo.