Denis Jose FrancoisJellyfish Pictures

This year Denis will be showing us how he helped facilitate the merging of animation and real-life settings in Jellyfish Pictures’ hit preschool children’s series Floogals. As CG Supervisor for the 52 episodes of the 2016 series, Denis will share what it takes to supervise and deliver CG content in animated series such as this. His role requires him to optimise rendering & streamline lighting & shading procedures, develop semi-automated CG Pipeline for future shows, and generally manage artists & keep everyone happy.

Previous to Floogals, Denis worked as Pipeline Co-ordinator for box-office films: Kingsman: The Secret Service; and Hercules (2014). Taking the role of Post-Visual Artist (uncredited) in 2007’s The Golden Compass.

Jodie Azhar – Creative Assembly

Named as one of 2016’s BAFTA Breakthrough Brits, Creative Assembly’s Leading Technical Artist, Jodie Azhar has come a long way since her days as a Computer Visualisation & Animation student at Bournemouth University. Graduating in 2008, Jodie immersed herself in the industry by developing her own showreel which she took to the EGX’s 2009 career fare in the hope that she might get some valuable feedback about her work. Subsequently resulting in an offer of employment from Kuju Entertainment a month later, as they had seen Jodie’s showreel at the career fare.

From Kuju Entertainment, Jodie moved on to work as a Technical Animator for Rebellion, having to combine the strategic use of programming and art to bring to life games such as Sniper Elite V2 and NeverDead. Most recently Jodie has been working with Creative Assembly, and has gone through the ranks from Character Rigger, Senior Technical Artist, and now managing teams of 70+ artists working on the Total War series as Lead Technical Artist. Jodie will be joining us this year to talk at the BFX, looking at various optimisation techniques used in the development of Total War™: Warhammer II and how they’re integrated into artists’ workflows.

Greg Jowle – Animal Logic

Join Greg Jowle as he talks at this year’s BFX Festival at the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) this October. As an established CG Supervisor/VFX Supervisor at Animal Logic, Greg has worked on some of the best animations and motion pictures over the course of his career. Working on Disney’s The Wild from 2003 as Environment Lead, Greg was responsible to lead the department in the modeling, texturing and setting up of environments, vehicles and props, as well as the set and camera dressing. From supervising a portion of the crew for specific environments and sequences, Greg handled everything from the initial RND to the final shot specific dressing.

Greg continued his career in 2006 to next take up the role as Lighter/Compositor for The Ant Bully, and Asset Supervisor for Space Chimps. By 2008, Greg made the move to join Animal Logic as Environment supervisor, progressing on to become the CG Supervisor for titles including: Happy Feet 2; The Great Gatsby; and X-Men: Days of Future Past. In 2013 Greg started out as the CG Supervisor on Unbroken later changing role to become VFX Supervisor for the second half of the project. Later Greg became the CG Supervisor on The LEGO Batman Movie, with his most recent credit being VFX Supervisor on The LEGO Ninjago Movie.

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