Create | ‘Painting Paths’ by John Thornton




DAD sits in a wheelchair, in an empty, silent, void.


ZOE, a small girl, brings him some soup. He smiles.


Zoe trudges out a door, stood up alone in the void.


She drags her feet as she starts mopping the void.


To her amazement, the mop transforms into a paint brush, and the water turns multicoloured.


Zoe starts painting herself a path out ahead of her.


She paints some flowers and they burst into life.


Music slowly starts – as CHILDREN playing different instruments glide in along their paths – made of musical notation coming from their instruments.



Create use the power of the

creative arts to transform…


A quaver flies to Zoe. She laughs, paints it and sends it floating back.


More colours start sweeping in from another point of the void, as another CHILD is painting their path.


All around Zoe, there are different children creating different paths for themselves.


One’s dancing, with stepping stones appearing wherever their feet land. Another is talking into a microphone, their path a reel of film.



…the lives of society’s most

disadvantaged and vulnerable.

A child in a wheelchair plays basketball along their path. An elderly person knits their path.


The void is a wash of colour and sound as paths slowly criss-cross and intertwine, forming the word “Imagine”.

As the children keep creating, the path forms “Make”.

Finally, it forms “Create”.


VOICEOVER (cont’d)

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The painted Create logo is on a sheet of paper, which Zoe proudly shows to her Dad – he’s impressed. They hug.