ILM’s ‘Fire-eating’ Willi Geiger to speak at BFX


Willi Geiger from Industrial Light & Magic joins the growing list of experts from top VFX houses who will be speaking at BFX in September. Willi Geiger will be presenting a retrospective session on ILM’s best work including 3 of ILM’s big summer movies; Pacific Rim, Lone Ranger and Star Trek at the festival.

Currently working as a computer graphics supervisor at Industrial Light + Magic, where he has been since 2001, Willi joined ILM in 2001 as a Research & Development Technical Director, developing novel techniques for visual effects work. He now works primarily as a Digital Supervisor and has developed a specialism in effects simulation and rendering, supervising ILM’s fluid effects work on multiple feature films. Before leaving his native land of Great Britain to come to the US, Geiger tried his hand at fields as diverse as video editing, computer modeling and visualization, theater stagehand, juggler and fire-eater, before discovering his passion – computer graphics – at the National Center for Computer Animation at Bournemouth University, where he taught for several years. He has also worked in visual effects at The Moving Picture Company in London and as a video game developer. He holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and a Masters degree in Electronic Music from the University of York.