FREE 3D Animation Workshops

Calling all budding animators… How would you like to learn how to sculpt your very own 3D-character using industry standard software?

As part of BFX, Bournemouth’s very own visual effects, computer games and animation festival, our experts will be offering Create Your Own Character workshops during the free family weekend.

After a demonstration on how to use ZBrush you will work in pairs to sculpt and paint your very own creation!


Zbrush is an academy award winning digital sculpting software tool that today is used in virtually every film that requires special effects work.

Here are just a small number of the films that impressed audiences visually and where ZBrush has played a key role: Avatar, The Incredible Hulk, The Avengers, The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films, Tron, Star Trek Into Darkness, Iron Man, Pacifc Rim, The Amazing Spiderman, the Chronicles of Narnia series, the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Its versatility has also made it an integral part of more cartoon-like productions such as Wreck it Ralph, Rango, Despicable Me, The Lorax, Dragons 2, Tangled and more.

Industry example. Image credit to

Details: Please note timings may be subject to slight changes

Saturday 3rd October , 11am-5pm

Sunday 4th October , 10am- 3pm

Venue: Purbeck Lounge, Bournemouth International Centre

Please first register for a family weekend ticket 

Sign up each day for a workshop session, limited to one per person.

Please note that workshops are suitable for ages 8-18 years and last approximately 1-2 hours.

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