Create | ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ by Adam Seers

The Magic Paintbrush by Adam Seers




A LITTLE BOY tenderly wipes his Mother’s chin, she’s

paralyzed and confined to wheelchair. Everything is grey.

The boy closes his eyes and his surroundings start to fade

away, gradually and then all at once…


BLACKNESS. The boy opens his eyes, he’s floating in a void

of silent, vast nothingness. He is completely alone.


Glowing light starts to emerge from his clenched fist. He

opens his palm to reveal a large paint brush, the nib is

multi-coloured, shining out against the darkness.


Intrigued, he flicks the brush and three bright dots splat

against the darkness, brilliant colours shine through…

Excited, he throws out his arm, slashing against the

darkness. It creates a massive tear in the blackness around

him, revealing beautiful colour.


Suddenly, a huge pirate ship bursts through the the massive

hole. Pirates SHOUTING and LAUGHING, jumping from the boat.


The boy starts to run into the darkness, rapidly swiping his

magical paint brush in every direction. Each swipe tears

into the darkness, fantastical colours pour through.


Everything the boy imagines, comes to life. SQUEALS OF

DELIGHT fill the air.


Still running, the boy sees a LITTLE GIRL, she too holds a

paintbrush and her magical creations follow behind her.


Ahead is a giant, swirling vortex of greens and blues, a

bright white light shining from its center.


Just as he jumps into it, the boy closes his eyes…




The boy opens his eyes. He’s in a classroom , bright,

colourful and full of children. He’s been painting.

A helper wearing a t-shirt with the CREATE logo, sits next

to him, smiling at his picture. It’s him and his mum, both





Imagine, Make, Create… CREATE