Please be aware that you can register on two sites, depending on whether you attending the Festival or the Workshops.

Workshops registration – Bournemouth University

Registration is available on Monday 22nd September 8am-9.30am, at Bournemouth University, Poole House, Talbot campus.  Workshops will start at 10am sharp (in most cases – check your tickets), please do not be late. Please arrive at least 45mins before the start of your session so we can process everyone’s tickets in good time. 

We will be wearing our blue BFX T-shirts and will be based in front of the Blackwells book shop. Please print off your Workshop ticket (or reference number) and bring it with you so we can issue a wrist band.  Please also bring your student ID if required (if you are yet to receive this, we can use your enrolment form).

Once registered, you will be taken to the appropriate Masterclass.

Festival registration - Bournemouth International Centre

Early registration is available on Tuesday 23rd September 3pm-6pm, at the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC), just inside the main entrance. Registration is required for all BFX’ers, so please print off your festival ticket (or reference number) and bring it with you so we can issue a wrist band.  Please also bring your student ID if required (if you are yet to receive this, we can use your enrolment form).  The registration desk during the festival will be open every day from 8:30am – 3pm.  Once registered, you will be guided to your first speaker.


Festival Passes – speakers and decorum

The speakers are very excited to be meeting you all at BFX over the next few days, plenty of things to see and hear.  Its going to be great fun.  Whilst we have your attention, we wanted to outline how the festival will work.  First off, please note that seating is based on first come, first served – therefore if we reach capacity in a certain room, you will have to attend a different event (there should always be a parallel event occurring). Please arrive early to avoid disappointment. Once doors are closed, delegates are expected to remain in their seats until the speaker has finished (with the exception of toilet breaks!).

The doors will also be shut 10 minutes into an event, so late arrivals will not be allowed to enter. This is to ensure the speaker and audience members are not disturbed. Remember that the recording of events is not permitted and you will be asked to leave if caught recording the speaker.

Please look out for our BFX Super Geeks who will be wearing bright blue T-shirts. If you get lost or have any questions, they will help!


BFX locations and travel

BFX takes place across three sites.  The majority of talks and presentations will take place at the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) in the Tregonwell Hall. Ticketed (Paid) Workshops will take place across campuses at Bournemouth University (BU) and Arts University Bournemouth (AUB).  There is a short walk between both sites.  Some public facing events (such as the children’s animation workshops) are based at the BIC  in the Bourne Lounge.  Please make sure you plan these trips and leave at least 20-25mins to arrive there by car or taxi from Bournemouth Train Station.

Campus maps (BU and AUB).

Both Universities run a naming convention that sees the rooms named with a particular syntax.  So for example, on the BU estate KG01 refer to the Building Kimmeridge House, Ground floor (G), room number 01 .  On the AUB estate, University House room number 001 is denoted as UH001 (they like the extra 0′s).  W324 refers to a room in Weymouth House (BU campus) on the third floor (the ’3” in ’324 indicates the floor number). The Festival programme will clearly state where and when the event will take place.  Please check the websites for any updates, as its is very likely we may need to make changes to the programme.  If unclear, please ask.


Bournemouth Town centre has plenty of parking options available to you, minutes away from the BIC. Free parking is possible, but spaces are limited and parking restrictions will apply.

Bournemouth University (BU) and Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) have  no parking for delegates during the week, please make sure you travel via public transport to any masterclasses being hosted here. If you arrive by car you will be turned away by the parking wardens.

Disabled Access:

For detailed access information about disabled access to specific BU & AUB buildings and facilities please visit and


Bus services to the university are frequent and very reliable. You can use either the public buses or buses run by the university. As part of the local transport network, Wilts & Dorset Buses operates a student-oriented service. This service provides transport between our two campuses and extends to areas populated by students in Poole, Bournemouth and Boscombe. For more information check out the following websites:

Festival Communication

Please also follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page for latest updates – we will be communicating any changes to the schedule or latest information via #BFXFestival and @BFXFestival

Any problems, please email