David Wortley from Taylor James at BFX Gaming day!

Taylor James, a creative production studio will be attending the Compuer Games and VFX day (Thursday) at BFX Core

David Wortley – Technical Director at Taylor James is a specialist in CG workflows, pipeline and tool development from 20k Print productions, 4k Video, 360 video and Augmented Reality. D.Wortley Headshot

Taylor James is an Integrated Creative Production studio based in London and New York that helps leading agencies and brands worldwide tell memorable stories and create powerful campaigns for print, digital and broadcast media.

Taylor James say: “As leaders in integrated productions with a unique mix of creative alchemy and robust production management, we originate concepts and provide full cross-platform solutions by seamlessly integrating design, CGI, animation, photography, live-action and post-production under one roof.

“Our focus is to produce complete productions from concept to completion and to partner with our clients in collaborative process to develop creative content. 

“As the world’s leading creative production studio, Taylor James delivers a mix of creative storytelling and visual FX to advertising agencies and global brands.

“Our mission is to push the art of what is possible to the extreme, through intelligent, integrated productions that create maximum impact and engage audiences across all media channels.

“A global Boutique renowned for our strategic & creative problem solving.

“Taylor James partners with advertising agencies and brands to deliver fully integrated productions.

“Our mission is to push latest technology, through innovative creative solutions that maximize efficiencies across all schedules & budgets.”


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