Winners 2014

Congratulations to all our Teams this year. They did a fantastic job, well done!

Sponsored by Next Limit Technologies, these awards celebrate the achievement of 45 students and graduates from around the UK who took part this seven week competition over the summer. 17 awards were presented by double Oscar and BAFTA winner Paul Franklin, co-presented with Trekkie Monster and Kate Monster from AvenueQ.

We also filmed the evening proceedings, which we have linked below. Please be aware there is adult language in this video, you must be over 18 to watch!

Best Concept Design Sponsored by 3D Artist | Winner – Team Beard

Best Character Sponsored by Pixologic | Winner – Team Plucked

Best Digital Environment Sponsored by AUB/BU NCCA Winner – Team Plucked

Best Pipeline and Workflow Sponsored by C4L | Winner – Three and a Half Beards

Best Surfacing Sponsored by The Foundry Winner – Four People and a Beard

Best 3D Animation Sponsored by AMD FirePro | Winner – Team Plucked

Best 2D/3D Animation Sponsored by ToonBoom | Winner – Three and a Half Beards

Best Lighting Sponsored by Next Limit Technologies – Maxwell Renderer |Winner – Team Plucked

Best Rendering  Sponsored by Chaos Group Winner – Four People and a Beard

Best VFX Sponsored by Cinefex and the NCCA Winner – Anonymous VFX

Best Rigging Sponsored by Golaem Crowds | Winner - Team Plucked

Best Simulation Sponsored by Next Limit Technologies – RealFlow | Winner – Anonymous VFX

Best Compositing Sponsored by The Foundry | Winner – Team Plucked

Best Editing Sponsored by 2xStream | Winner Team Beard

Best Film Sponsored by Total Film | Winner – Team Plucked

Best Achievement Overall Sponsored by Creative Skillset Winner – Three and a Half Beards

BU and AUB Postgraduate Scholarships Sponsored by BU and  AUB | BU Winner – Tessa Atkins | AUB Winner – David Blanche and Amy Backwell