Build Supervisor

Maxim Fleury studied computer science at the university of Amsterdam and did originally plan to go into computer games. But his love for film and visual effects made him choose a different path. After learning the ropes doing broadcast Dutch television for 4 years he moved on to commercials at Hectic Electric, Amsterdam. There he moved steadily up from junior CG artist to 3D supervisor, supervising whole commercials and leading a team of CG artists. Having done 4 years at Hectic Electric, he left to become a freelance artist doing commercials and Dutch feature film projects. But the pull of international films stayed strong and 3 years later he left Amsterdam and started at Double Negative in London. There he moved up quickly from modeller to team lead and then build supervisor looking over the build of entire shows. He worked on John Carter, Man of Steel, Jupiter Ascending, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Through the looking-glass and other projects over the years.

double negative