BFX Final Films

2014 Films

Its been 7 weeks of hard work, intense pressure and a whole lot of fun; so it is with great pleasure we can present the final films of our 8 competing teams – Crikey they did a great job!

Just like the previous year, we have a huge range of work on offer – produced from scratch and finished in just 7 weeks. Most of these students who competed have not even graduated yet – we are very proud of what has been achieved.

Once again a HUGE ‘thank you’ to all the mentors and judges; from the lecturers at the NCCA (Bournemouth University) & Arts University Bournemouth to the very talented artists who work at the worlds best VFX and Animation Studios - Framestore, Double Negative, The Mill, PSYOP : New York, MPC, Realise Studios, Hibbert Ralph Animation, Outpost VFX, Chaos Group, Blue Zoo, Glassworks, Ken Weissman Sound, Creative Skillset and ILM London. For more information on our mentors check them out here.

Thanks again to Next Limit Technologies for Sponsoring the Competition, with out them this would not have been possible.

We also want to thank the Bournemouth University MA Scriptwriting course (lead by Phil Mathews) for all their fantastic BFX Scripts -

  • Matthew Hessey (“A Prayer’s Chance in Hell” and “Frankenstein, Alive?”)
  • Simon Schneider (“Around the Universe in 80 Years”, “The Retreival” and “Frankenbattle!”)
  • Leah Dennison (“I’ve Created A Munter!”)
  • George Lawson (“Cracked Open” and “Frankenstein’s Nightmare”)
  • Benjamin Clarke-Booth (“Life Rocs”)
  • Christian Huser (“All that Remains”)
  • Thomas R Garrett (“Crimson Island”)

An awards ceremony will take place Friday evening (26th September) as part of the BFX Festival. As well as celebrating the work of the teams, we will be presenting a number of  awards to the winners in 16 categories found within the field of animation and VFX.

If your interested in making similar films, or how the creative industries work – check out our September Festival in Bournemouth -


Final Films


Making of videos

As part of the judging process with our Industry partners, we asked each team to create a 3 minute video outlining the groups work collectively and as individuals.  If you are wondering how our BFX teams made their films in 7 weeks, take a look at the following shot breakdowns.



2013 Films

After 6 weeks and a lot of blood, sweat and tears; our 10 competing teams in 2013 created some awesome films – and it was only our first year!

We had a great variety of work, completed in such a small period of time and with only 6-7 machines between them to work and render on – so their time keeping had to be spot on.  Most of these students haven’t even graduated yet.

Truly astonishing what they have managed to produce.

Once again thanks to all the feedback and mentoring from lecturers at the NCCA, Arts University Bournemouth and artists from Framestore, Double-Negative, The Mill, MPC, Realise Studios, Hibbert Ralph Animation, Outpost VFX and Cinesite.

Final Films