Research Engineer showcase comes to BFX Pro

The Centre for Digital Entertainment (CDE) Research Engineer Exhibition will be at BFX Pro


The Centre for Digital Entertainment will run it’s Research Engineers Exhibition during registration and lunchtime on the BFX Pro day on Monday 28 September.

The Centre for Digital Entertainment (CDE) is an EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training, funding doctoral researchers in games, visual effects or animation companies.

CDE offers outstanding and unique opportunities to students and companies alike.  Working with some of the most outstanding games, animation and visual effects companies in the world allows CDE to offer exceptional industry experience, giving their research engineers improved career choices in these competitive and fast-moving industries.

As part of the BFX Festival 2015, the CDE exhibition will give the opportunity to meet the research engineers and discover the diverse range of current research projects, including ‘Perceptually Adaptive Rendering’, ‘Real-time Object Morphology Changes Due to Organic Decomposition’, ‘controlling Fluid-Simulations’ and ‘Augmented Virtuality’.

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