Bournemouth and the film ‘Gravity’

Bringing Gravity down to Earth

Gravity - Copyright Framestore/Warner Brothers

Gravity is a rarity in modern Hollywood: an intelligent blockbuster. It’s thrilled audiences the world over, brought non-boombastic scientifically-based fiction back into the mainstream, and even saved Sandra Bullock’s career from endless drab rom-coms.

Its achievements are the result of a combination of people working at the top of their respective games: Sandra Bullock and George Clooney deliver sympathetic performances; Alfonso Cuarón directs with assured confidence; and the visual effects are so tightly integrated with the live action that it’s impossible to tell one from another.

London-based effects house Framestore has already bagged a BAFTA nomination for its hugely significant contributions to the movie, which envelope the audience in a three-dimensional vision of outer space with eye-searing clarity. But our story doesn’t begin there: it starts in the sleepy UK coastal town of Bournemouth.