Blonde Rangers Blog


Hi we are team blondherland!
I’ll introduce you to our team.

Dominika Brodowska – Director, 2D Animator
Michal Rutkowski – Producer, Shading/Lighting
Sarah Ismail – 2D Animator, Character Designer
Rami Ali – Modeller, Texture Artist
Artur Zima – Matte Painter, Compositor, Texture Artist
Jerry Lee – Technical Director, Compositor, Texture Artist

Teenager Alice feigns normality in her wacky and wonderful world.

Original animatic

2D and 3D integration test before BFX

A breakdown of how we integrated 2D and 3D


To integrate the 2D and the 3D world we needed world position pass, normal pass and the camera from maya.
We utilized the 3D feature of Nuke so we could have greater control of grading and placement of 2D in the 3D renders.

 These are the initial concepts to colour script then to the final renders.



We hope this will excite you to watch our animation which will be coming out soon!