Maos Final Week

Hi guys,

We are well on our way and into our final week panic. All assets have been completed and we are absolutely chuffed with the level we have pushed our work to. It has been a massive progression for us, from our second year projects and a challenge to condense the entire process into 6 weeks. Something, I’m sure we will have to get used to in the industry.


To get you guys up to date with where we stand, I will post a few images below to show you where we are a week before hand in.


FrameTestNew_750 Odysseus1



I hope you like the results so far. Our lighters, renderers and compositors are working like soldiers trying to get this all to the best quality we can.




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Compositing results so far ….

We are currently getting some lovely results in compositing. It has come as a surprise just how close our piece is to our original concept considering the levels of development and experimentation we involved in our work flow.

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Got you guys two more images of our cyclops.


Cyclops3quarterrender CyclopsRender
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We are extremely happy with our new cyclops shader. It has really brought the cyclops to life. Our hero Odysseus is soon to follow and will be incorporated shortly…..:)


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