Level 2

Test Post – Level 2

Test Post – Level 2

Hello and welcome to the making of The Water Babies:

  • Concept art:

Shot 2 concept art


Shot 3 concept art

lobster after dark2

  • ┬áCharacter Designs:

Tom Design:

Tom with scales


Lobster Design:



Snail Design:





  • Character sheets:

Tom Character sheet

Tom Modle Sheet

Lobster Modle sheet:




  • Changes to Tom:

Creating and animating hair for an underwater setting, we became aware that we couldn’t achieve this effect. This required redesigning Tom’s head as the character design felt incomplete without something on his head. as this change occurred when the model was close to completion a rough model sketch was made to design a head dress type structure.





  • Model and Texture turn arounds:

Level 2 Character Turn tables

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 18.23.49 Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 18.23.21 Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 18.24.09


  • UV example:

The way the textures were created for the lobster and a base texture for tom was to incorporate watercolours as much as possible. The UVs were printed out and were drawn out onto watercolour painting. then scanned back into the computer where the were taken into Mudbox for clean up.

RightClaw_UV RightClaw_UV01
  • Rig Break down videos:
Tom Rig: Shot 1

Tom Rig: Shot 2&3

Lobster Rig: Shot 3

  • Matt Paintings composited into final shots:

Anchor with background copy Cave copy Ridge copy

Compositing Break Down: Shot 1


  • The Water Babies Break Down:

Break Down

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