We are team Kuklops and our idea has actually changed quite significantly from the original piece, hopefully you will all like it.
It now involves a gorillaclops:


We very grateful for this opportunity and are looking forward to the next six weeks



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Preparing for the shoot


This weekend half of our group went back to London in order to set up for the shoot, preparing and organising all the props and our actors.

Adam sitting at our table with the bottle placed as size reference for our Odysseus character.




Preliminary card designs.




Table setup.

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When the group arrived at the warehouse there was an unexpected setup. When we had seen photos of our location the walls had been completely white, and so we had planned to go with a surreal feeling. However when we arrived they had been completely covered with black curtains, so our plans had to change accordingly. We now have it set up to be much darker and moodier with a slightly more claustrophobic feel.

A time lapse of our day shooting.

Here is a quick idea of the story all our shots tell. The frames that have been starred denote shots which will have VFX in them.


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Early models


Our two models in the early stages.





And here is some of the detail on his armour:



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Test renders and composites.

This week began to create some test composites of Odysseus’s shots, including a test version of his reveal from the smoke.


From this we’ve decided that the colour of the smoke is far too garish and we’re probably going to tone it down to a pale blue. We briefly considered using red, but we decided against it because 1) we didn’t want to imply that he was an evil character and 2) with the colour of the actor’s shirt being red we were concerned there would be too much of it in the scene. It’s also looking rather boxy at the moment, so the dissipation also needs a bit of work.


As you can see there is still a lot of work to be done, but for our initial test composite it’s not looking too bad, we think.



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Final Composites and Posters



Here are some of our final composites.


This is the first shot in which you see Odysseus as he emerges from the card.


And here is our final shot with the cyclops roaring at our actor.

We also made some posters for our film!


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