Ctrl Z – Where are We

Ctrl-Z, the most loved command in the entire computer world, which grants us the power of reverting a bad decision and getting out of a sticky situation.

Out short revolves around a mysterious individual, playfully dubbed as Z, which posses a time-slowing device used to get out of a bar right as a crazy psychopath bursts in and starts a shoot-out.

Our piece will focus on VFX and footage integration. Originally born as a single, long panning shot, we decided to make a change and have a series of fast-paced, episodic shots showing a particular details after receiving feedback from the industry.

We are looking forward to be able to convince you that hell is being unleashed for real in this little bar!

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CtrlZ – Integrate the chaos!

With our piece featuring lots of integration, we managed to get past the creation phase of visual effects such as glass being shattered, fire, smoke and hands getting criplled relatively earlier in the pipeline: as the end of BFX is approaching, we are now fully focused on compositing and on making it look like there’s some serious mess going on in that little bar!


Check a nice turnaround of the glass here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Do8D7lI_3Uw

Here you can see our poor little compositor being equipped with a new, shiny, CG hand which seems to be a little defective. Realflow is used to simulate a great-looking blood splatter effect.



And here is a work in progress of the reason that hand up there got a nice, fat hole. Both gun and bullets are created in 3D, as well with the smoke and fire effects created using Houdini.



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