Create | ‘A Creative World’ By Helen Ward




A young boy WILLIAM about 7 years old brings his MOTHER a cup of tea she is in a wheelchair. He places it next to her and then places some pills next to it. He then kisses her lovingly on the cheek.


He sits down next to her sighing.


Suddenly a door appears in front of WILLIAM.


WILLIAM looks around at his mother she is asleep.


WILLIAM begins to draw a key shape with his finger.


A key appears in the air and WILLIAM grabs it.


He puts the key in the lock and the door opens.


There are many colourful paths in front of him and many different people are walking along them.
WILLIAM takes one last look at his mother and walks through the door.


He follows the path to a big white room.


All the people on the paths enter the room from different sides.




On the wall opposite WILLIAM is the words Create.


A huge smile appears on WILLIAM’S face.


A paintbrush and paint pot appear next to him and he runs around the room drawing a purple line on the wall as he goes.


He smiles happily.


As he runs many different things appear in the room.


A piano appears with an older man on a stall playing it.


A ballet bar also appears with lots of different people doing plié’s.


Pictures of people appear on the walls.


Then they start to come out of the walls.


They all greet WILLIAM.


WILLIAM smiles delightedly.


Paint pots and brushes appear all around.


They all start painting things such as ballet shoes, instruments and cameras.


The pictures float off the walls and people start to grab them.


An older woman leaps through the air in the ballet slippers.


A teenager snaps photos with his camera.


Another person in a wheelchair rolls along playing guitar and whistling.


They all then put all their equipment and instruments on the floor in a way that spells out create.


The words transfer to the top of the screen.


All the people come together in one big group holding paintbrushes that drip onto the floor or big pieces of paper and musical instruments.


WILLIAM stands in the middle.


Creativity can unlock a
whole new world for
anyone and Create
is here to help
do that for vulnerable


WILLIAM paints onto the screen:




A photo of them all appears with details of the charity at the bottom of the screen.