ANIMATED WOMEN UK present: Being yourself – surveying the experiences of women in developing their career in the animation and vfx industries


“It is a tough business, and it is male dominated…and will be for the foreseeable future. Women who do well have often consciously developed different ways of working which use skills and behaviours which are effective within their company.”

We are delighted to announce that Animated Women UK will be presenting a panel at this year’s festival :  Being yourself – surveying the experiences of women in developing their career in the animation and vfx industries

This open panel discussion will take place on Friday 14th October at 2pm and was  inspired by original research sponsored by Creative Skillset surveying the experiences of women in developing their career in the animation and VFX industries. This research was led by Helen North and Shiona Llewelyn on behalf of Animated Women UK (Slideshare link). This event will be of particular interest to those in animation, VFX, education and research.

The event is £10 admission or FREE for BFX ticket holders on a first come basis – to book please visit

Details of the event are as follows:

Panel Chair: Louise Hussey (Double Negative, VFX Producer)

Invited panellists: Helen North (Career Learning and Development), Shiona Llewelyn (Career Planning, Development and Change), Abigail Addison (Freelance Producer and Associate Director, Animate Projects), Samantha Moore (independent filmmaker) and Bella Honess Roe (Animated Documentary and Research).


14.00 – Welcome and intro to the event and panellists – Kavita

14.10 – Helen/Shiona – summary of research findings

14.25 – Chair introduces questions and asks panellists to respond one by open to the floor after panellists have spoken – Louise

15.30 – Discussion closes, summary Louise or Kavita

15.40 – Networking

16.00 – End


Short Biographies:

Louise Hussey
Louise has been in the world of TV and film for over 20 years, covering all aspects of both physical and post-production. Formerly senior VFX Producer for Film & TV at Rushes, Louise controlled all of the TV productions and Feature Film VFX projects for the department over an 11 year period. She has produced VFX for the BBC, NBC, ITV, Kudos, ABC, Universal and HBO among others. She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy in 2008.


Shiona Llewellyn

Shiona Llewellyn is an independent career development consultant, with many years experience of working effectively with individuals across the TV and film industries. Her approach is to ‘help people to help themselves’ to achieve their potential within a highly competitive international marketplace.

Shiona’s clients include major broadcasters, independent production companies, universities, individuals. She also contributes to the MA Screenwriting course at the LFS and has recently been commissioned by Directors UK to design and deliver a workshop programme for women drama directors. Shiona researched and wrote all the early careers information on behalf of Skillset, and authored both editions of their career handbook for TV, Radio, Film, Video and Interactive Media, which gave her unrivalled access to cross-industry experts.

Helen North

Helen is a learning and development specialist, qualified executive coach, licensed career coach and workshop facilitator. She is also an associate for two consultancies: Career Savvy Women and Voice At The Table, working with companies to maximise the talents of female managers and leaders. Before establishing her own practice, Helen worked for over twenty years in the creative industries, holding senior learning and development roles: Head of Training at the UK Film Council; Film Fund Manager at Creative Skillset; and Development Manager at Cass Business School.


Abigail Addison

Abigail Addison has spent the last thirteen years working in the arts sector. As a freelance producer she has worked for Forma Arts, Underwire Festival, Lupus Films, Creative Skillset, The Bureau, CAMP Films and University of Iowa Museum of Art, and also produced work by artists and filmmakers including Juan delGado and Chris Shepherd. She is a Trustee of Four Corners and on the Advisory Board of Underwire Festival. Working at the Arts Council England’s National Office Visual Arts Department, she helped deliver projects, including the Turning Point strategy, Architecture Week 2006, and the Artists’ Moving Image Legacy and Learning initiative. Whilst working in the UK Film Council’s Strategic Development Unit, she coordinated the Film in the Digital Age consultation and publication.


Samantha Moore

Samantha Moore is an independent film maker who makes animated documentaries. In 2010 she finished “An Eyeful of Sound” for The Wellcome Trust, about synaesthesia, which won the ‘Nature’ award for Scientific Merit at the 2010 Imagine Science Film Festival, New York as well as two other awards and numerous international screenings.  In 2006 she won a Wellcome Trust ‘sciart’ research and development award, which involved working with Dr Jamie Ward from UCL Psychology Department and members of the New London Orchestra on a project about the condition of synaesthesia.   In 2004 she made a short film commissioned by ‘animate!’ for Channel 4 and Arts Council England called “doubled up”, and before that she made “Success with Sweet Peas” about competitive sweet pea growers in Shropshire. Both films are distributed by Big Film Shorts (USA) and Lux (UK). Sam is senior lecturer in animation at the University of Wolverhampton and a member of CADRE. She is based in Shropshire and is currently studying for a PhD at the University of Loughborough Animation Academy.

Bella Honess Roe

Bella Honess Roe joined the Film Studies programme at the University of Surrey in 2009. Previously she taught at the Arts University College, Bournemouth, St. Mary’s University College, Twickenham and the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

Bella gained her PhD in Critical Studies from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts in 2009. Bella spent six years working in the film industry in Los Angeles and London, including roles in the development departments at Lakeshore Entertainment (Los Angeles), MGM (Los Angeles), and Granada Film (London). Subsequently, she tutored writers and script editors on screenwriting workshops in Italy, Australia and New Zealand. Bella also worked with the non-profit London-based DocHouse, an organisation devoted to the promotion and exhibition of independent UK and international documentary Film.